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He saw her. It was love at first sight.

She was oblivious of his existence.


He had to talk to her. So he mustered the courage to ask her what her name was.

She answered naturally. Took notice of him.


He would watch her, trying to share a smile.

She would genuinely smile back.


He would greet her trying to strike a conversation.

She would respond purely, unaware of his emotions.


He found her cute and sweet. All the more in love now. Thought to have made a great decision.

She was still indifferent to his emotions. Thought him to be a genuinely good friend.


He would compliment her. Would flirt with her. Secretly fearful of her response.

She would wave it off with her laugh, considering it humor.


He was confused. No idea of the next step. What if he crossed his limits. But these emotions were killing him. So he dared and asked.

She was stunned. Didn’t see it coming. She had no clue of what to say next. She didn’t want to hurt him after all he was a good guy. She thought of reasoning it out.


He was terribly weak at reasons. He failed to have any. He knew he had crossed it.

She pitied him. Because she couldn’t reciprocate it back. She had to feel it too, otherwise what was the purpose. But she wouldn’t. She had her reasons and she was pretty good at it.


He wanted to take his words back. He didn’t want to ruin the friendship. He cursed himself for not being patient. He went on apologizing. He knew things would change.

She knew how he felt. Tried to calm him down. She assured nothing would change. They’ll still be good. She wasn’t offended.


He relaxed. Thought the situation wasn’t bad after all. He could manage. He would make her fall in love. He was full of hopes again…secretly.

She was grateful that things didn’t turn for worse. She thought he understood and accepted her reasons.


He, now on a serious mission, made sure that there stays no shortcomings in his expression. He bought her gifts. Talked more of his achievements. Well, impressing was a task.

She could now see it coming. Had it been some other time, she would have willingly accepted such gestures. She knew she had to put a stop or else, things would become tough for him.


He was too serious for her. He wanted to stay with her. He would not give up. He was full of hopes.

She knew she had to be strong and stern. She knew her actions would hurt him. But it is how it is. She didn’t love him. Playing with his emotions and imparting false hopes was a sin she didn’t wish to commit.


He was broken. He could not understand where he went wrong. His love was genuine. He knew that she understood it. Then what was making her behave so. He would have kept her happy. Was this his mistake?

She knew he would never get it. She would have explained but she was out of patience. She knew her silence would be interpreted by him just right, though not correct. She knew what she was losing. But she didn’t want to betray his feelings. He certainly deserved better. She just wanted him to be happy. Was this her mistake?


If only it was so easy to answer.

One sided love.

Enough to wound both!



(because it is how it is!) cheers!







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