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“It’s okay!”…

That is what she preferred saying….every time….

Her impression in the eyes of her people changed.. “It’s okay” she said..

Her beliefs were shaken…”It’s okay” she said..

Her friendship failed…. “It’s okay” she said..

Her trust was betrayed… “It’s okay” she said..

Her love didn’t suffice… “It’s okay” she said..

Her conduct weren’t as expected… “It’s okay” she said..

Her expectations shattered… “It’s okay” she said..

Her hard work didn’t pay…. “It’s okay”  she said..

Her life a mess… “It’s okay” she said..

Was it actually?

It didn’t matter….

She knew it was hers to bear…

She knew she had to survive anyways…

She knew she had nobody who would listen…

She knew no one cared…

And so… It’s okay… that’s all she could say!


( because it is just better this way!) cheers!


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