Crazy lad she was…thought it was love every time….

The first time was because of her innocence…could be overlooked….

It happens…some aren’t always lucky!

The second time it was just to respect that of the other….

As once bitten… she knew the pain that the other would have had to face…

She did fell for him….for his genuineness…

Only later to realize that the fall had left her shaken….a little cracked if I may add…

Shaken by the ease with which she could be deceived..her trust could be played with…

Sad for her….but she made sure that she wouldn’t be returning…whatever be the case..

Once asked to leave…she would obey it till her last….self respect was still with her!

And then when she had just made her mind that she will think of herself first…she fell again…

For the other was helpless…but his touch true….or as she likes to believe…

Her extremity in dealing with her affairs had let her into all the agony…

Or maybe all the learning…..learning of all the ‘not-to-dos’!

She believes that the princess must have had to kiss many frogs until she met the right one…

And so she’ll keep searching..with lesser mistakes…for her suitable companion…

The one who’ll mend her cracks….who’ll let her be….who’ll accept her mistakes…and her!

The one who won’t leave…or ask her to!

Her search to seek her other true half!



(because I always wanted to write this! )cheers!




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