“What are you a fan of?” was the question asked….

“Myself” came the reply…

“Really, self obsessed aren’t you?”

“Naah. Just an admirer.”

“And what makes you rate yourself so?”

“Just the fact that I know myself when compared to any. And also the fact that I am honest regarding it.”

“Self proclaimed honesty? Self proclaimed Judge?”

“I guess that is what matters!”

“Living in your own little world, aren’t you?”

“What makes you say that my world is little? It can be bigger than what you can even imagine. C’mon man, stop underestimating.”

“Aah. I am no one to underestimate you. But you see you have to deal with many out there….whose favourite  pass time is to undermine others’ beliefs.”

“Yea. I know I can handle them. And that is what I admire about myself.”

“Pretty strong headed….or rather too adamant I must say.”

“Call it anything you like. I am taking it as a compliment.”

“This attitude of yours….do you really think it will work for you?”

“Making it work or not depends on me, right? So what do you think is my answer now?”

“Hmmm…. overconfidence drowns. I hope you know that buddy.”

“Self confidence sails. I believe in that buddy.”

“This optimism of yours is killing me.”

“Haha… So I seem to be right on target.”

“Aah. Man, what makes you so strong?”

“The power to know myself. I know my strengths…I know my weaknesses…I know my abilities…and my capabilities…I know my struggles…and I know my reasons…Tell me how can I not inspire myself?”

“I am forced to say that your source is strong.”

“And here we have a consensus. When you had to agree with me ultimately…why all the fuss?”

“Just to check how well you can defend yourself.”

“And you got me there.”


And this is how a talk with one’s own self works out!




(because you can be your best inspiration!) cheers….




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  1. arkute says:

    Wow! Just wow! The best of all! Nice writing AB. It was so good that I read it twice. Big fan 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha… thank u so much AK!! pleasure 🙂


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