“Let go….”

Always heard this as an advice….Knows it to be the correct solution to the issues….Knows that it actually works…

But somewhere down the line does not admire the whole concept/idea of it…

Like why should I let go? Or else why should I be the only person to let go? Why after feeling the agony should I be the one to let go?

It does really become the issue of ego…or otherwise just the notion that things won’t be that gala when we do so…

Well….it anyways is not that gala! But the art of admitting it is what is lacking…

Or is it just the hopes that one is never getting rid of? (Well to clarify…I, myself, am an ardent supporter of being hopeful!)

However, there is a fine line between being hopeful…and being foolish!

And we as humans need to respect that difference…because we have been blessed with the capability to do so..

Clinging onto a thing..a feeling…a human seems okay…because that is how relations last..

However clinging onto someone who has been unfaithful or hurting.. is a self destructing idea!

Yes.. Yes…. one can change the other…Of course…But one cannot be experimenting with this idea for the whole life…right?

On very similar lines… even holding grudges does not work… Majority of the time the person does not even acknowledge it’s mistake..

So then one is left with the only option….of letting go!

But this option seems too mainstream….too easy…too simple…too dull…

Like what after it…No one will ever notice or appreciate the fact that you did actually let go…

But let me just clear the air out..

It is not easy to let go…because fighting that pain which is inflicted onto you…forgetting it…erasing it out of the memory (which if strong,ruins life) requires courage and a really very strong willpower…

It cannot be dull….because the whole thought of bearing it and then being indifferent to it…is fascinating…Wouldn’t that be called endurance at its best?

It is neither too mainstream…because this is an option which is generally overlooked..otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this…

What difference would it make if it is simple? Aren’t simple things beautiful? Amid this complicated society…staying simple in thoughts and actions is a real charm!

And talking of expecting appreciation from the rest…Well that is again an art which many are deprived of..so expectations will hurt!

I am bound to say (in my style)…Let go…

Because it is never a dead end..

Because there are many other things to explore..

Because things do work out after that…

Because life becomes more beautiful than earlier…

Because hopes need to be tied to the right things…

Because you deserve your own respect…

Because ultimately you need to be happy…And that is what matters!



( because it is tried..tested..verified…and to add…a Success!)…cheers!





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