Heaven…Hell…always heard of..always talked of…ever wondered of?

Heaven…desired destination after death!! After Dante’s Inferno the only best option one is left with…

However, where is this destination?

Is death really essential to witness it?

What is the guarantee of it turning out to be similar to what one has imagined?

I have a better idea… Let’s get heaven onto earth…make it a part of our very own lives!

And it is very much possible..

Heaven seems more than a holiday destination…it is more of a feeling of tranquility and contentment which one desires to witness..

This same sense of ecstasy can be felt….in the smallest of our actions…however irrelevant it may seem..

Don’t believe me?…Answer these…

How many of us feel satiated on having their favorite chocolates.??

How many of us are delighted on having a shower after a healthy workout at the gym??

How many of us feel relaxed after looking at the bed after a tiresome week??

How many of us feel great after helping anyone and receiving that unexpected gratitude?

How many of us love the contentment which we get when we get along with our buddies after a really long time??

How many of us feel blessed when mother cooks the same dish which we wished to eat on the same day??

How many of us feel amused when the baby, after our umpteenth attempt, finally smiles??

Tell me what is this if not Heaven?

These small incidents…which makes you sense that emotional upheaval with least efforts…which keeps you at peace…which helps you live…which makes your life different from others…


So if someones asks where is it??

Tell them to search around..look deeper…and they’ll find it for themselves!!



(because google maps didn’t help…) cheers!!








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