An extremely funny thing…

It’s there when you don’t need it…and absent when you need it the most!

Ohh wait… Is it really hope or is it we who are funny?

That really is the human nature…isn’t it?

To lose out on something when the best solution seems to hold onto it..

Be it courage or patience or a relation or simply hopes!

But frankly speaking..hope is that one thing one should never be free off!

The world will come to an end if hope vanishes…

Promises will lose its essence…

Ambitions will suffer…

Desires will burn….

Dreams won’t matter..

Assurance will die….

Life would be tough..pale…

If hope vanishes…How will one climb a mountain?

How will a child wish anything from the fairy?

How will they believe in Santa Claus?

How will the mother/wife of a soldier live?

How will a father let her daughter marry?

How will a relationship sail in a storm?

How will the world get innovations?

How will the world progress?


Yet it isn’t difficult to give up on things…

To be rid of it…and then blame it….

Hmmm…. I’ll say…hope because that’s how you’ll achieve..

Hope because you have the ability to bring the change…

Hope because it keeps you at peace…

Hope because it gives you strength…

Hope because that’s how life works…

Hope because sometimes it’s the only thing you can have!!


(to those who lose it easily…maybe my words can create a difference…well that is what I hope..) cheers….






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  1. Great thoughts – I totally agree. Interesting that as we advance technologically it seems harder and harder for people to find hope.

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    1. Thank you….and yep true story…. hope has turned a rare possession!

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