The epitome of innocence…the purest souls on earth…the most trustful of all beings…and alas…the cutest and the virtuous teachers on the planet…KIDS!!

Now what makes me say that?? Ask yourself….

Doesn’t their smile give you new hopes?

Doesn’t their carefree attitude teach you to live?

Doesn’t their stupid questions provide you with deeper meanings?

Of course they do….that too for free…no terms and conditions applied….

Isn’t that beautiful!!

These tiny teachers makes you realise how beautiful life is if you know how to smile and laugh..

They make you realise that crying at your problems is not wrong…that it is the most natural thing to do…that it is what we learnt first..

They make you realise that when in doubt, ask…that there is no comfort in shame….that judgement of others hardly matter…

They make you realise that love is all one seeks…that there is nothing to differentiate in reality…that we all are the same..

They make you realise that forgetting things is not that difficult….that moving on is easy…that things can be mended again…that damages can be repaired…that it is never the end..

They make you realise that there is something beyond the materialistic life…that in small things lie the greatest happiness…that in reality nothing matters….that complications are just in the mind..that life is meant to be simple…

Sounds good ..but hard to believe, nah?

Naah…not really…

Yes, I agree that life is not all gala when one grows up…

that these teachings lose their meanings…

that hopes is difficult to be built…

that carefree nature is hard to maintain…

that crying portrays one as weak…

that laughing at all times is tough….

that innocence wears off and sarcasm takes its place…

that life is so complicated that simplicity has become out of reach..

But who is to be blamed for all this?? You know the answer…

How often does one feel to run away from life..?

How often is it when one wants to be a kid again…relive it?

Yeah …yeah…reality check..that’s not possible….

or IS IT?

I leave this question to you! Answer for yourself!

Turn around…look at the kids around…you’ll definitely have a solution…because these teachers are par excellence….in their imperfect speech they provide you with all the lessons!


(no reason for this post…too late even for children’s day! Just a gratitude to these lovely inspirations!) cheers….






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  1. Anonymous says:

    shruti I just read your’s really really awesome…keep writing dear 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Saud says:

    Dear … Keep it up … 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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