TOMBOYS!! too tough to be girls…too soft to be boys!!

Life is such a big confusion!!

Whether to unwillingly behave like a girl….or happily be yourself!

Ohh yes…there is a difference!!

Behaving like a girl….hmm…okay so what exactly does this mean??

Does it mean to simply wear cute clothes…apply make up, be glamorous and act delicate? To watch soap serials,learn cooking, to know household chores??

Okay…I know none of these things… so what?? Am I not a girl??

Are you actually doubting my sexual identity? I ask why??

Simply because I don’t act in an old conventional manner?

Oops…I thought we were living in the 21st century! Chalo…koi na!

You don’t believe me you? I have seen guys updating status that “a girl doesn’t know what offside is and has a status update regarding MESSI !

I ask why such a generalized statement? Can’t a girl know stuff about football? Can’t she enjoy cricket? Why do I see astonished faces when I talk sensible stuff regarding cricket?

Ohh….then I am put into another category of human beings…”TOMBOYS”.

That is because…girls are ‘not supposed’ to do so..only TOMBOYS can! Football and cricket is a Guy’s game!

I would really like to meet the person who has jotted the behavioral patterns of girls!

Ohh…its not that only boys are so…even girls are hypocrite!!

When they say girls need to be bold they are the same ones who say…Ohh…she doesn’t know how to dress…have you seen her …she doesn’t apply makeup… have you seen the way she talks… ohh…how can a girl laugh so loudly… you see her..she is always with guys…n what not!!!

To all these lovely ladies…well if our category of girls didn’t exist, you would hardly have topics to chat around!!

Thanks to us that we are so entertaining!!

TOMBOYS …Well…good enough!! No doubt this title is soothing, flattering even!!

And frankly speaking .. I take pride in being a tomboy!!!

Because when I laugh..I laugh with all my heart…

I can prove my point by saying it straight….

I can shut guys up just by a glance…

I am capable for my own self…

I can run bets with guys over cricket and football..

I don’t need to dress prettily to feel beautiful…

I am not fake…

Because cutie and baby is not my cup of tea…I prefer bitches!

I have a perfect blend of emotions within me…

I don’t prefer being delicate…

I have an attitude that is quite strong!!!

Yes…if that is what you call being a tomboy …then I bet every girl reading it will wish to be the same…and every guy will be envious!!

Dedicated to this superbly hypocritical society!!

(by the tomboy…cheers)


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